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  • Full History of Mallorca
  • 6 Famous Buildings
  • 4 Museums
  • 2 Gardens
  • 1 Exhibition Area

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Chapters - Mallorca Audio Guide mp3

Introduction (3 mins + Map 1) How to use the audio guide.

History of Mallorca (Majorca) in a nutshell (22 mins) A journey through the history of Palma from the first known human settlement to the present day. Palma de Mallorca (Majorca) Ramon Llull

Centred around a discussion of the arrival, dominance, effect and eventual demise of the four main cultural periods (Talayotic, Roman, Arab and Christian) it serves as an excellent basis for the guide, helping to put the historical sites you will visit, in a more chronological order.

It also includes some light-hearted anecdotes few people know about the island and its people! Go to the home page to listen to an extract from this chapter.

Map Point 1 - Parc De La Mar & Las Murallas (The city walls), (6 mins) This is where the actual walking tour begins. I talk about the evolution of the park, including what was there before, what was its intended function and Palma de Mallorca Cathedral (Majorca) & Parc de la mar the trials and tribulations of building it.

There is also a brief discussion of the origin of the city walls and how they have left their mark on the city.

Map Point 2 - The River (La Riera), the Arch & the King's Garden (5 mins) This chapter discusses the river that used to split the town in two, creating 2 almost independent areas, and the Arab arch, which marks the entrance to an old mooring for the Almudaina Palace.
Finally you will move on to the King's Garden, which although beautiful today, used to hold a far more exotic variation of plant life and animals.

Map Point 3 - The Convent of San Domingo, Parliament & El Palau March (March Palace), (13 mins) Where Parliament and the March Palace now stand, used to be one of the most stunning examples of Gothic art in Palma - The Convent of San Domingo. The Mallorca audio guide discusses its demolition and the subsequent construction and history of the two buildings that succeeded it. I touch on some amusing, if not damning, anecdotes about the founder of the March Palace and give a highlighted tour of its wonderful museum, which displays a permanent exhibition of contemporary sculptures, famous murals, Mallorcan/Majorcan cartography and illustrative work from Salvador Dali.

Map Point 4 - The Almudaina Palace & Museum (10 mins + Map 2) A detailed history of one of the oldest buildings in Palma, which now serves as the official residence for the King and Queen of Spain. It includes the palace's construction and function over the years, and a highlighted tour of its timeless museum.

Map Point 5 - The Cathedral (15 mins + Map 3) A full history of the Cathedral, which is the jewel in the crown of Mallorcan/Majorcan architecture and one of the most famous Gothic buildings in Europe. I discuss its conception, the trials and tribulations of its construction and some of the resulting paradoxes. A large part is dedicated to the last two, large scale reforms of the Cathedral, directed by the Madrilenian architect Peyronnet and the legendary Antonio Gaudi respectively.Palma de Mallorca Cathedral Main Portal (Majorca)

Finally, I take a closer look at the architecture itself with an analysis of each facade and the three main portals. The Mirador Portal on the south side, representing one of the most important groups of Gothic sculptures in Mallorca/Majorca.

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Map Point 6 - The Cathedral Interior (17 mins) A detailed walk-through tour of the Cathedral's museum which includes a generous collection of Medieval, Gothic and Baroque art and some unique religious pieces pertinent to Mallorca's/Majorca's religious heritage.
The guide continues through the interior of the Cathedral where I touch on the 16 chapels running along its sides but concentrating mainly on the two main chapels at the front - The Chapel of the Trinity and The Chapel Royal. It is here that Gaudi's genius is most evident.

If you're mainly interested in Palma de Mallorca's Cathedral, there is also a reduced Mallorca Audio guide here.

Map Point 7 - Ses Voltes & The Castle of Bellver (5 mins) Ses Voltes is an area below the Cathedral which has been skillfully transformed into a stunning open-air theatre. The Castle of Bellver, which can be seen in the hills to the west, is witness to a unique architectural design and a fairly unexpected history...

Map Point 8 - The Episcopal Palace & Diocesan Museum (19 mins + Map 4) I start with a brief description of this religious building and its architecture, before moving on to a full walk-through tour of its ample museum.
The museum maps the path of the Christian faith from its early beginnings, many centuries ago,right up to the present day. Together with some early Christian artefacts, ceramics and fantastical pieces from Gaudi, it displays a very impressive array of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance art.

The Final Chapter (2 mins) A brief description of what to expect from part 2 of the Mallorca audio guide.

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Summary - Mallorca Audio Guide mp3

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Distance to walk: 1-2 Km depending how many of the 4 museums you enter
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