Mallorca Bellver Castle
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Mallorca Bellver Castle, Majorca, Spain

The Mallorca Bellver Castle - a fairy tale outline that stands on a pedestal of pine trees. If anything defines this castle it’s the location, because it is also the origin of its name – ‘Bellver’ meaning ‘Beautiful view’. The Bellver Castle is located 3 km from Palma's city centre and 112.6 m above sea level, dominating the bay and a large part of the island of Mallorca.

Like the Cathedral and the Almudaina, it was the brainchild of King James II and was to serve as a residence for the kings of Mallorca. Started around 1310, it took about 9 years to complete and is witness to a unique architectural design- it is the only castle, in all of Spain, with a circular design. The castle consists of three semi-circular towers and another tower about 7 metres away from the main body. The construction is set around a central courtyard and has two levels: the ground floor with round arches and flat ceilings and the upper floor with lancet arches covered with a cross vault in pure Gothic style.

Mallorca Bellver Castle, Majorca, Spain

Being a castle and in such a dominant location, you may be thinking it has a fair share of battle stories to tell. Ironically, as a defensive structure, the Bellver Castle hardly saw a single battle nor for that matter was it used much as a residence for kings, especially after the demise of the Kingdom of Mallorca. Instead, its destiny was that of a prison. From the 18th century till the Spanish civil war, it fulfilled this sinister function imprisoning many of the movers and thinkers of that era. You can still see some of the prisoners’ graffiti on the terrace walls.

Nowadays, the Mallorca Bellver Castle is home to the City History Museum, which, apart from giving a thorough history of Palma from 123BC to the present day, also holds an impressive collection of classical sculptures, acquired by cardinal Despuig in the late 18th century when he lived in Rome. It also houses the chapel of Saint Marc, patron saint of the castle.

Bellver Castle Layout

  • Ground Floor: Armoury Courtyard and City's Historical Museum. Survey of the City's history and building development since the Bronze Age until the present day.
  • Main Floor: San Marc Chapel, Jovellanos Room, Throne Room, kitchen and the Despuig Classical Sculpture Collection.
  • Terrace: Panoramic view of Palma City and its bay.

Mallorca Bellver Castle Opening hours & Visiting Times:
(Check the official Mallorca Bellver Castle page for any changes)

SUMMER (April to September):

  • On workdays (Mondays to Saturdays): From 8:30 hrs until 20:30 hrs
  • On Sundays and public holidays: From 10:00 hrs until 18:30 hrs

WINTER (October to March):

  • On workdays (Mondays to Saturdays): From 8:30 hrs until 19:30 hrs
  • On Sundays and public holidays: From 10:00 hrs until 16:30 hrs

The opening hours may change due to official receptions and events organised by the City Council of Palma.

Mallorca Bellver Castle Entrance Fee:

  • Adults: 2.50 €
  • Pensioners and students: 1 €
  • Minors below the age of 14: Free
  • Agencies: 2 €

On Saturdays: Free entrance for Palma's residents

On Sundays and public holidays: Free entrance for everyone (exhibition rooms and museum closed)

Guided Tours
Guided tours are available. Please visit the official webpage for details.

Access to Bellver Castle:

  • Bus line nr. 50 (red sightseeing bus). Bus stop: Bellver Castle
  • Bus lines nr. 3,4,20,21,22. Bus line nr. 46 (via El Terreno) of the Public Transport Company of Palma (EMT).
    - Bus stop: Plaça Gomila. Walk (for approx. 20 minutes) along the road C/ Bellver and climb up the stairs.
    - Bus stop: C/ Joan Miró, nr. 16. Walk (for approx. 20 minutes) along the road C/ Camilo José Cela and through the forest (no sign-posts indicationg the direction, however)
    - Bus stop: C/Joan Miró, nr. 16. Walk for 2.5 Km. along the road C/ Camilo José Cela.
    ( - Palma Bus Website)
  • Taxi - There is a taxi stop right at the beginning of the road C/ Camilo José Cela (Tel: 971 40 14 14)
  • Car - Access via the road C/ Camilo José Cela until reaching the Bellver Castle's car park.

Bellver Castle Contact Information:

C/ Camilo José Cela,
C.P. 07014
Palma de Mallorca

Tel: 971 73 06 57/ 971 45 12 03

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