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If you are looking for hotels in Mallorca you are most likely looking for three bits of information - Price, Location and Quality (not necessary in that order). Below I have linked to the websites I think provide you with the best chance of obtaining this information quickly and painlessly.

Mallorca Hotels Price Comparison (includes reviews and locations)

There are many price comparison websites out there that all claim to have the best deals and the greatest choice. While I do think there is some value in checking all these websites individually I believe there is really only one website you really need to visit -

These guys are the largest hotel search engine on the net and provide their engine to many of the hotel websites you see advertised all over the TV and the net on a daily basis! Go to their About Us page to read all the big name companies they already provide for.

So if you want to search all the best hotel travel sites, all from one place and find the cheapest deal, there really is no need to go anywhere else. They also provide a Best Price Guarantee so you really can't lose.

Best Price Guarantee

To be sure, I always believe you should check at least one other hotel website. Hotels is very popular and always has some of the most competitive prices.

Mallorca Hotel Reviews

Again there are many sites that provide customer reviews about Mallorca Hotels and Accomodation. I feel Tripadvisor is among the best. Not only do they have over 45 million customer reviews but they also have tons of useful features to help you narrow down your search using location, price or ratings.

Some think these review websites can provide biased opinions as reviews can be faked. has attempted to rectify this 'problem' by providing Verified Reviews. These are a 'convenient and genuine summary of hotel reviews and ratings from booking sites which accept reviews from verified, paying customers only.'

Have you considered a Holiday Rental?

Although a good deal on a hotel will most likely be the best price/quality choice for your holiday, it is always worth checking out what holiday rentals are available. If you are a group staying for a week or more, you might find a rental more economical and flexible. Tripadvisor provides a complete solution for comparison.

Or visit for the biggest choice villa rentals available.

Official Mallorca Hotel Guide and Reservations

There is actually an Official Mallorca Hotel Guide which is the 'official website of the Mallorca Hotel Business Federation for on-line reservations'. For some reason I don't think they have all the hotels but it's worth checking them out.

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