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Hiring a scooter is a brilliant way of getting around Mallorca, especially in the summer. It can also be a lot cheaper than hiring a car!

Scooter Hire Requirements and Extras

You can hire 50cc and 125cc scooters for minimum of a night or a day or up to one month if you wish. Lock, helmet, insurance, road assistance and basic road map are generally always included with Mallorca scooter hire and delivery to your accommodation can be arranged.

Optional extras include (depending on hire company): 2nd helmet, Full insurance, Surcharge for >100c, Delivery/Pick-Up service.

Don't forget it's illegal to drive a scooter in Mallorca without a helmet and you will be fined if stopped by the police. If you want to use the motorways you have to be driving a minimum 125cc moped.

A Passport or National ID card is always required for Mallorca moped rental, as well as a valid driver’s licence. The minimum age for rental is normally 16 years old for 50cc and 21 for 125cc scooters. Don't forget to read the rental agreement before hiring the moped!

Mallorca scooter Hire & Moped Rental Companies

Below is a comprehensive collection of websites (in no particular order) that hire scooters and mopeds in Mallorca (Majorca). Depending on where you are staying on the island, you may also find local scooter hire dealers in your town.

Mallorca Road Map

Plan your scooter trip around Mallorca, Majorca, with this map...
(Or download a Mallorca street map in pdf format)

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