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Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller, Majorca Spain

In 1912 a daily train service was established along the 27.3 km route connecting Palma de Mallorca to the town of Sóller. One year later, in 1913, a tram service was also established finally connecting the town of Sóller to the Port of Sóller, 4.9 km away.

The train is powered by an electric locomotive and is the only one of its kind still in use today. The railway track itself is unique and is characterized, amongst other things, by its narrow gauge, the width being only 914 mm (an English yard), which is very unusual these days. Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller Viaduct, Majorca Spain Moreover its rolling stock is extremely varied, meticulously finished and maintained using traditional methods.

Most people know the Palma to Sóller railway for the spectacularly attractive route it takes, overcoming the natural barrier of the Sierra de Alfàbia mountain range which is 2.8 km wide and 496 metres high. To achieve this, in just seven kilometres, the railway rises up 199 metres, with an inclination of 23 millimetres, runs through thirteen longitudinal tunnels, ranging in length from 33 to 2,876 metres and then crosses several bridges, including the “cinc-ponts” viaduct which has five narrow arches spanning up to 8 metres high.

Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller - Timetable and Prices
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Palma-Sóller   Sóller-Palma
















Single - 10 Euros, Return - 17 Euros

(The train also stops at Bunyola)
Single - 5 Euros, Return - 10 Euros

Tram to Port de Soller
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Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller - Route

The train leaves from Plaza de Espana, in the centre of Palma de Mallorca and travels 27.3 km to the town of Soller:

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Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller - History
(Historical information based on the official Palma Train to Soller website)

At the beginning of the 20th century the town of Sóller, set amongst the majestic mountains, had a booming industry thanks in a large part to its famous orange groves. Although these mountains provided the perfect growing conditions, they also virtually isolated the town of Soller and drastically hampered its development. In particular, the Alfàbia mountain range prevented passengers and goods being transported to and from the port of Palma and the rest of the island.

Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller, Majorca Spain

At this time, to travel to Palma de Mallorca, the capital, you had to take a stagecoach, driven by animals, and cross a high mountain via the Sóller pass. The Coll de Sóller, as it is known, is a steep, narrow dirt track and was exhausting work for the draft animals. (Along the Soller road today are restaurants which have been converted from the original inns which once housed and fed the travellers and animlas that made this journey.)

It was Sr. Jerónimo Estades, a provincial parliamentary representative, businessman and citizen of Sóller, who originally made steps towards ending their industrial isolation by proposing a Palma-soller railway. The track would pass through Valldemossa and Deiá and in 1893, backed by the people of Soller, he requested the franchise. His proposal was unfortunately rejected due to economic constraints.

Mallorca Train to Soller, Majorca Spain

Years later, in 1903, the industrialist Juan Morell proposed building a direct Palma-Sóller railway which would not detour via Valldemossa and Deia but pass directly under the Sierra de Tramuntana mountains. Initially the idea was rejected, but when Jerónimo Estades, the original orchestrator of the railway, proposed this project a year later, he received the support of the town's residents. He commissioned the engineer Pedro Garau and the project was made public on 15th November 1904 in Sóller Town Hall. The construction of the railway was assigned to the building contractor Luis Bovio.

The first purchase of the 'Ferrocarriles de Mallorca railways' was a small 020T locomotive, manufactured in 1891 in England by "The Falcon Engine & Car Works Ltd. Loughborough". It's number was 198 and it was used as a marshal traction engine in the port of Palma for the tram line that crossed the city. He christened this locomotive with the names of his daughters, "María Luisa", and such was the exceptional service rendered by this locomotive that even today its feats during the construction of the railway are remembered. Work started simultaneously from Palma and Sóller on 3rd June 1907, after only one year, the team that started out from Palma reached Bunyola. Here they met their first major challenge - the Sierra de Alfàbia mountains. In order to cross this range a tunnel 2856 m in length had to be constructed that would eventually come out on the other side of the winding Coll de Sóller. On 19th August 1911 the victorious locomotive, María Luisa, reached the 'Mirador de's Pujol de'n Banya' viewing point and the first working train reached Sóller on 30th September the same year.

Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller, Majorca Spain

On 7th October 1911, the small locomotive, Maria Luisa, was granted the privilege of inaugurating the line unofficially, by drawing a saloon car. The car was loaned by the Compañía de los Ferrocarriles de Mallorca and contained the statues of the most influential players of the project: Jerónimo Estades, Pedro Garau, and Antonio Maura.

The official inauguration took place on 16th April 1912, with locomotives no.1 "Sóller" and no.2 "Palma" drawing the inaugural convoy, whilst no.3 "Buñola" awaited the arrival of its counterparts in Sóller. All the rolling stock of the Sóller railway was functioning on that day: the three locomotives from the Maquinista Terrestre y Marítima (M.T.M.) and the six cars manufactured by Carde & Escoriaza. It was on this same day that one of the world's most famous maritime catastrophes also took place – the mighty “Titanic” sunk on its maiden voyage.

A year later, in late August of 1913, a fourth locomotive from the M.T.M. joined the company, no.4, called "Son Sardina". The four remaining cars ordered from Carde & Escoriaza arrived in the same year.

On 14th July 1929 electrical traction was introduced between Palma and Sóller, with hundreds of people turning out to welcome the inaugural convoy. In the 1930s the first direct Palma to Soller Port tourist services were run consisting of a combination of train and taxi. At this time, four brand new Carde & Escoriaza-Siemens Schuckert-Brill motors were used, each weighing 33 tonnes with 360 horsepower.

Key dates:

15th November 1904
Publication of the railway project in Sóller Town Hall

3rd June 1907
Work starts on the railway line

30th September 1911
Arrival of the first working train in Sóller.

16th April 1912
Inauguration of the Palma - Sóller railway line

4th October 1913
Inauguration of the Sóller - Port de Sóller tram line

14th July 1929
Electrification of the railway

Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller - Ownership & Management

The company that manages the railway, Ferrocarril de Sóller SA, is a privately-owned company that was founded on 5th November 1905. Palma de Mallorca Train to Soller Company, Majorca Spain The company is an emblem not only for Sóller but also for Mallorca as a whole, given its long history and cultural heritage, and the important economic and social contribution it has made.

The franchise for the running of the railway between Palma and the Port of Sóller was to finish on 16th April 2011. Nevertheless, in 2005, the company was able to achieve an extension of this franchise for another 50 years, terminating now in 2055. Subject to important financial investments, this extension ensures an important medium term future for the company and most importantly for its employees.

The Company Vision:
"To prolong the imposing history of the Sóller railway for another century, as a communication and transport artery, a source of wealth and culture, and a principal attraction for tourists and visitors to the Sóller valley and to Mallorca."

The Company values:
"Safe transport, Authentic period image and Customer service."

The Company 'raison d’être':
"This united will of a whole village is what made the project possible – a project into which so much hope and determination was poured by its promoters, and which is, for the history of the Sóller railway, an exemplary milestone showing us how to achieve the prosperity and development of a community through imagination, hope and a vision of future."

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