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Majorca Mallorca weather forecast Below is a comprehensive list of Mallorca weather forecasts (Majorca). As no two sites ever provide identical weather forecasts I've compiled this list so you can decide for yourself! As well as the weather in Mallorca today, they include a 3-day and 5-day Mallorca weather forecast (Majorca), Mallorca weather forecast warnings from the Spanish Met Office and even an infrared satellite animation from the UK Met Office. I've also included wind and swell forecasts for those water sport enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for travel weather, coastal weather or marine weather, you'll find the forecast for you below. Click any of the links below for a more detailed picture of what's expected...

General Mallorca Weather Forecasts

BBC - Mallorca Weather Forecast from the BBC

Weather Underground - Excellent 5 and 7 day Mallorca weather forecast

Accuweather - Palma de Mallorca Weather Forecast

Weatherbug - 7 day Mallorca Weather Forecast

Holiday-Weather - Mallorca 5 day Weather Forecast

5-Day Majorca Weather Forecast - UK Met Office

European Surface Pressure Forecast - UK Met Office

Europe Infrared Satellite Animation - UK Met Office

5-Day Palma de Mallorca Weather Forecast -

MyWeather2 - 7 day Mallorca Weather Forecast

FreeMeteo - 7 day Weather Forecast

Mallorca weather forecast warnings - Spanish Met Office

Mallorca Wind and Swell Forecasts (for surfers and sailors)

Mallorca Swell Forecast (for surfers or sailors) -

Passage Weather Mallorca (for sailors) -

Wind Guru Mallorca (for wind related water sports) -

Wind Finder Mallorca (for wind related water sports) -

Ugrip - Advanced Weather Application (windows only) -

I personally like and recommend El Tiempo for its ease of use and high accuracy. They also have an easy to use iphone app showing wind direction and strength, precipitation, cloud cover, wave height, satellite images and land and sea temperatures.

Most of these detailed weather forecasts are produced and updated twice daily. Moreover, the weather reports from all the online stations of the world are generally presented in real time, in order to provide accurate information on local weather conditions.

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