What is an mp3 Audio Guide?

An mp3 audio guide is exactly the same as a human guide except you replace the human for an mp3 player (an ipod for example) and several intuitive maps. This method carries numerous advantages over its pier and you can read below for a full comparison.

What do I need?

If you want to download the audio guide from this website and transfer it to your player yourself, this is what you'll need: an mp3 player and earphones, a computer with an internet connection and a printer. The mp3 player may be a nice, shiny ipod or simply your mobile phone. The computer allows you to download the mp3 files and transfer them onto your player, and the printer you'll need to print out the various maps provided.

mp3 playerComputerPrinter
Ipod or mp3 player and earphonesComputerPrinter

How does the process work?

(1) Purchase the mp3 audio guide securely via paypal.
(2) Download the zip file using the link provided. (Depending on your internet connection, this may take some time)
(3) Unzip the zip file to present the individual mp3 and pdf files.
(4) Transfer the mp3 files to your mp3 player via the software provided with your player. (This will be itunes if your player is an ipod)
(5) Open the pdf files and print the maps. (Use the free Adobe Reader if you can't open the files)

Why should I choose an mp3 audio guide over a human guide?

There are numerous advantages to using an mp3 audio guide, some of which you have no doubt thought of already.

  • Total control and flexibility. Don't wait for anybody, stand where you want to stand, move on when you're ready, skip chapters you're not interested in, relisten to bits you do find interesting and pause whenever you feel like it.
  • Clear and consise audio.
  • Yours to keep and do again if you feel like it.
  • More affordable and informative. (No tip required either!)

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