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Palma Mallorca Taxi, Majorca

There are numerous Palma Mallorca taxi companies that operate out of Palma (Majorca). They all drive the same cabs and have the same price tarifs, as set out by Palma town council. You should find all journeys are priced via the taximeter.

If you are arriving at the airport there are normally a number of taxis waiting, just follow the taxi signs when you arrive. If there aren't any there for some reason or you prefer to book ahead, all of the companies below provide airport transfers.

Palma Mallorca Taxi Companies | Majorca

If you are specifically looking for a native English taxi driver I think there is only one in Palma de Mallorca.

Palma Mallorca Taxi Fares | Majorca

Since early 2009, every taxi fare is calculated via the taximeter and you should always see a copy of the taxi fares displayed clearly on any taxi you use.

If your journey is within Palma, the rate of the fare will depend on the time and the day.

  • Fare 1 operates all day Saturday and Sunday (24hrs) and from 21:00 to 07:00 on Monday to Friday
  • Fare 2 operates the rest of the time, 07:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday

Fare 1 is slightly more expensive (see below). Each taxi should display either a 1 or 2 indicating the applicable fare at that time.

Both fare 1 and fare 2 are based on an initial fixed minimum charge and then the amount increases depending on the distance of the journey and the time travelled. Additional supplements are also payable for things like airport transfers, luggage, calls over the radio and journeys to Bellver Castle.

Fare Supplements:

  • Airport - 2,70€
    (Minimum fare from airport - 12€)
  • Palma Port/ Na Burguesa - 2,70€
  • Calls over radio - 0,95€
  • Belver castle - 0,60€
  • Item of luggage - 0,60€)
  • Christmas and New Year - 2,10€

Always free:

  • Guide Dog
  • Wheelchair
  • Baby's pram
  • Receipt

The meter starts when the passengers and their baggage are in the taxi and have indicated their desired destination. However, when the taxi has been ordered via telephone, the meter starts from the moment the taxi arrives. The fare is then calculated per kilometer or on an hourly rate depending on the speed of travel. Travel outside of the Palma municipality is based on a per kilometer rate.

Click the image below to download the current Palma Mallorca taxi fares.

Palma Mallorca Taxi Fares, Majorca

Click here for approximate Mallorca taxi fares from Palma. (Information supplied by Radio Taxi Ciutat)

Palma Mallorca Taxi Airport Transfer Fares | Majorca

Click here for approximate Mallorca airport taxi fares for transfers from Mallorca airport. (Information supplied by Radio Taxi Ciutat)

Palma Mallorca Taxi Tours | Majorca

If you have very little time and lots of money a taxi tour may be your only chance to see a few sights in Mallorca. In this case a Taxi Tour might be the best option for you. If you have more time, I would personally hire a car or a scooter, have it for at least 24 hours, see a lot more, and all at your own pace.

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